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More News Of Old Joneses

John Jones Junior is the Great Grandfather of Walter Dickson Jones. This information is transcribed from a 'sketch' of him that filtered down through the family.

The subject of this sketch, and grandfather of C.G. Jones of this city, was born in Little St. James Street in 1761, the first British-born subject in Montreal and died at his son's residence (Hon. Robert Jones of St. John's Nfld. - Uncle of W.D. Jones) in 1842, in the 82nd year of his age. He was Ashes Inspector and preceded the well known names of Dyde & Major in that office. He was also Colonel of the Militia and Volunteers for the district of Montreal. It was he who gave Colonel Dyde (whoever he was) his first commission in the volunteers. He owned property on which the Merchant's Bank and Nordheimer's Block are now erected. When quite a youth he was entrusted by Kord Howe to carry overland most important messages to Halifax via Canada, which he successfully performed and eceived the general's thanks. He represented the County of Missisquoi in the Parliament known as the Governor in Council. He and his son, C.H. Jones (Grandfather of WD Jones) were at the Battle of Plattsburg, and the latter (not yet sixteen years of age) acted as Aide de Camp to his father. A powerful field glass picked up by C.H. Jones on the battlefield is now in the possession of Kenneth Ogden Black of Salmon Arm British Columbia.

The father of Colonel Jones, John Jones Senior, came in with his regiment from New York to Canada in 1761, to take possession of the country befor the final cession. He was Quarter-master and remained about a week in Montreal during which time his son was born.

REALLY Really Old Ancestors!!
John Jones Senior belonged to a very ancient Welsh family, whose descent can be traced through his Crest and Arms to Nefydd Hardd, Lord of Nant Conway, founder of the VI Noble Tribe of North Wales and Powis, About AD 900. The family is also connected with the Jones of Foman Castle, Near Cowbridge, Glamorgan, Wales , the Crest and Arms being similar.

John Jones Junior married Mary Magdelen Heney of Lachine. Mary's sister married a deTonnancour. She was the grand daughter of Charles Rene LePailleur, who descended from Jean LePaillleur of Paris was son was procurer (not THAT kind of procurer) du Roi et Notaire Royal of Batiscan. It was owing to the influence of Colonel Jones and his family that LePailleur the Patriot of 1837-38 was banished to Australia instead of suffering on the gallows as his 12 companions did. Five of Col. Jones sons held commisions during the rebellion two as Cololonels and three (Thomas W. Jones, Edward Jones and C.H. Jones - WD's grandfather) as captains.

The Jones' family motto is 'Pro Liberate et Vero'. The crest is described thusly: "A cubit arm erect in armour, ppr, holding in the gauntlet a spear of the first headed ar. embued gu.. The arms are described as: "Sa. a chefron between three spear heads ar."

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