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Ramblings of C.H. Jones

C.H. Jones dictated these family rememberances to WD Jones' father, C.G. Jones in 1884. WD had them typed up in 1949, probably on an IBM typewriter.

"I have now to speak of my great uncles Hugues Heney, brother of my grandmother. He was lost amongst the Indians for 20 years. His family supposed him dead. One day he returned - to their great happiness and joy. During his wanderings in the West, he discovered gold on the Pacific coast. On his return, he proposed to his nephew, the Hon. Robert Jones, that he fit out a vessel for a voyage to the West Coast and he garanteed that it would bring back a fortune in gold. This Robert refused to do so as he was a very cautious merchant. Hugues married Marie Therese Fortier on November 20th, 1787.

A Scandal??

The Hon. Robert Jones left one son - R.A.A. Jones - he died a bachelor in 1909. He also left four daughters, Mary Ellen (McLeod), Emily (Phelp), Mary (Tydd), Caroline (Foy). Lieut. Foy and Caroline lived with the Hon. Robert Jones at the Iberville Seigniory. However, due to incompatability or family interference, Lieut. Foy established a separate residence in Montreal. Foy was very anxious to get his children with him. He had several conversations with our father, C.G. Jones and father was seen talking to him on St. James Street immediately before the following event took place. Two men, one of whom was supposed to have been Foy, entered the Iberville residence at night and forcibly removed the four children. In spite of all the efforts put forward by our Great Uncle Robert to discover their whereabouts, they were never located. Without rhyme or reason, the family blamed father for this infamous action.

After the death of Foy in London the 1880s, the four children, who had become destitute, made overtures to the family. Great Uncle Robert's son, R.A.A. Jones made provision for their maintenance.

Why was Rhoda Black's middle name deTonnancour?

note from WD Sept 13, 1948 - Copy of a record kindly procured for me by. Major L.A.H. Latour.

"July 19, 1787, marriage of Pierre Andre Godfroy de Tonnancour Esq. Lieutenant, of Three Rivers Quebec, son of Louis Joseph deTonnancour Esq, Seigneur of Tonnancour and of the late Lady Marie Louise Carcot to Mlle. Marie Charles Heney, 16 years, daughter of the late Hugues Heney and of the late Marie M. LePailleur of Lachine. Witnesses: Charles LePailleur, John Jones (grandfather of C.G. Jones) etc. Louis Joseph deTonnancour was a great great uncle of WD Jones.

Family Members in the Army before 1815

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