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The Family's First Recorded Accountant?
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From Antonia Fraser's book "Cromwell The Lord Protector" pp. 461

"In March of 1654, the Council of State ordered two of its members Colonel Phillip Jones and Walter Strickland to set up a model for the Protectoral 'family' as the household was named. 16,000 pounds a quarter was set aside for its expenses and Jones was established as Comptroller: he was that Colonel who had stemmed the Welsh rising at St. Fagans during the Second Civil War and had first entered the Council of State after the dissolution of the Rump Parliament. A trusted member of Cromwell's entourage (it was thought that Cromwell stood sponsor to Jones' fourth son Oliver), he was thus typical of the kind of man who would now surround the Protector."

Notes from WD - November 1947

Jones of Fonmon Castle - Burkes Landed Gentry 1821

Colonel Phillip Jones, M.P. for Glamorgan, Brecon, Governor of Swansea and Cardiff and one of Oliver Cromwell's Privy Council, purchased the estate of Fonmon Castle from the Earl of Bolongbroke. Colonel Jones was descended from a son of Blethin ap Maenarch, the last Lord of Brecon (Walter Dickson Jones named his farm outside of Toronto 'Breconridge') - was one of those called to the Upper House by Cromwell. After the Restoration he served as High Sheriff of the county. By Jane Pryce, his wife of the family of Pryce of Gellhyer and Courtcarney in Gower, he had a numerous family and was succeeded at his death 3rd September 1674 by his eldest surviving son.

Sir John Jones after being married twice, died without surviving issue in 1678 and was succeeded by his only surviving brother, Oliver Jones of Fonmon Castle. Oliver married Mary Button of Duffryn and died in 1685. Their eldest son was Robert Jones of Fonmon Castle, M.P. Glamorgan County who died in 1715 leaving Mary, his wife, two sons and three daughters all of whom died except Robert Jones of Fonmon Castle who died in 1793. The eldest son of Robert Jones (also called Robert Jones) was a J.P. and High Sheriff Barrister at Law. It is likely that Colonel John Jones Senior was a younger brother to Robert Jones who chose to join the military and go to North America.

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