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Haskell Bits

This information is taken from some notes made by one of Granny Rho's brothers.

Ezekiel Haskell. Great Grandfather Ezekiel was a Provision Dealer in Liverpool and a mamber of the congrgation of the old Cathedral of Liverpool. His sister married a Doctor Held and their daughter Emma Held married a lawyer in Boston - Courtney Crocker - who was at one time the American Ambassado to Siam.

Ezekiel Haskell's eldest son was John Moore Haskell who was Granny Rho's grandfather. John Moore was baptised in the old Liverpool Cathedral on May 16, 1817. At age 28 he was a partner in the Liverpool firm of McBride and Kerr Wholesale Importers. The senior partner of this firm was Peter McBride and Granny Rho's father was named after him. The firm went into liquidation and there was 'resentment' against the senior partner and Peter McBride Haskell did not want the name carried down in the family. A biblical reference to Rhoda opening the door for Peter was the reason for my sister's name Rhoda which has been carried on in the family. John Moore Haskell married Hannah Fannon on January 30, 1845 in Liverpool. One could perhaps assume that John Moore Haskell went to Nfld. to open up an office for his firm and it perhaps went into receivership.

John Moore Haskell's oldest son was Peter McBride Haskell (born 1850 in St. John's Nfld, died 1932). Peter married Mary Newbold Ogden in 1883 and their offspring included Ogden (1884-1884), Ludlow St. John (1885-1973), Rhoda Wallace - aka Granny Rho - (1887-1960), Meredith Ogden (1890-1972), Arthur Rintoul (1896-1963).

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